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        Materials translation

        Professional written translation:

        More than 130 languages, including English, Japanese, Korean, Russian, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Arabic, Persian, Romanian, Mongolian, Swedish, Vietnamese, Dutch, Hungarian, Finnish, Turkish, Greek, Thai, Norwegian. 

        Professional fields:
        More than 50 professional fields, including oil, chemical industry, engineering, mechanics, automobile, law, communication, publishing, energy, electricity, water conservancy, medicine, biology science technology, IT, localization, etc.
        Good Teachers Translation is a registered large translation company in China, the only cooperative partner of Sinopec Group, Port Sailing Authority, Academy of Macroeconomic Research of NDRC, Meiyu International, DFE, Nippon, Xingqiao International, CRMPE, Dongjia Shipbuilding and the translation service provider of International University Sports Federation in 2011, Canton Fair in 2010, World Exhibition in 2010, Guangzhou Asian Games in 2010. The service outlets cover 34 provinces and municipalities as well as some other countries. Good Teachers Translation Company provides thousands of international and domestic customers with professional written translation service by the best products according to the service theory of “profession, efficiency, honesty”.

        Languages serviced:

        Written translation service products:

        Bidding scheme translation, contract translation, research report translation, literature translation, company profile translation, product description translation, technical files translation, financial statements, website localization, etc


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        Hotline: 400-716-0396
        Contact person: Miss Wang
        E-mail: sale@gttranslation.com